Welcome to Creamery Creek Farm!


Welcome to Creamery Creek Farm! We are the Shumway Family we are located on a ranch in the beautiful high desert area of Black Rock Canyon, 90 miles south west of Salt Lake City, Utah. We started raising goats for milk in the late 1980's and started making Goat Milk Soap in 1997. We love making goat milk soap and are passionate about making the best high quality goat milk soap for our customers and family! Our Goat milk soap starts with our wonderful Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Our Goats are well cared for and loved, this is why they provide us with the main ingredient of our success great, rich, fresh, creamy, goat milk! We pride our selves in making fantastic goat milk soap.

All bars are 6 oz and up at cutting time. Note: Soap weights will vary as they cure and age.

Note: Soap colors, swirls, designs, soap stamps will vary from batch to batch.

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Completely Hand Crafted

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Shelley Shumway and Famliy
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Vernon, Utah 84080

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