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Welcome to Creamery Creek Farm, home of the Shumway Family and the best goat milk soap! We have been raising goats for 25 years and making goat milk soap for 12. We love making goat milk soap and are passionate about making the best high quality goat milk soap for our Customers and Family. Our goat milk soap starts with nature, our wonderful goats, fresh green grass, alfalfa, sunshine fresh air and water. Our goats are loved and well taken care of, therefore they provide us the main ingredient to our success, sweet creamy goat milk.

We are a small farm located 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah.

We pride ourselves in making fantastic goat milk soap!

The Shumway Family

All the bars are 6.0 to 6.7 oz at cutting time, weights will vary as soap cures and ages.

Shipping or pickup available.




Environmentally friendly

Completely handcrafted

Shelley Shumway
(435) 839-3545

New Soap Scents

Watermelon Patch
Fragrance Oil
Watermelon Patch Goat Soap Fragrance Oil
This Watermelon soap is bursting with the yummy fragrance of juicy sun-ripened watermelon! You smell the bright fresh ...
Lily of the Valley
Fragrance Oil
Lily of the Valley Goat Soap Fragrance Oil
The fresh and lively fragrance of the delicate tiny bell-shaped white flowers of Muguet, also known as Lily of the Valle...
Amber Dawn
Fragrance Oil
Amber Dawn Goat Soap Fragrance Oil
Your search is over! Amber Dawn is richer and deeper we have also added jonquil to the scent for a beautiful unique blen...
Pine Breezes
Fragrance Oil
Pine Breezes Goat Soap Fragrance Oil
Did you ever cut your own Christmas tree? As children we would go up to the mountain ranch trudge through the crisp c...
Carrot, Milk, and Honey
Essential Oil
Carrot, Milk, and Honey Goat Soap Essential Oil
Earthy, woody and warm, this soap has a wonderful super mild aroma. Carrot seed oil has a cult following as an anti-agin...
Citrus Fizz
Fragrance Oil
Citrus Fizz Goat Soap Fragrance Oil
Not just an ordinary fruity fragrance. This delicious mouth-watering scent combines notes of sweet cane sugar infused wi...

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